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What are Cookies?

Cookies are messages that web servers pass to your web browser when you visit Internet sites. Your browser stores each message in a small file, called cookie.txt. When you request another page from the server, your browser sends the cookie back to the server. These files typically contain information about your visit to the web page, as well as any information you’ve volunteered, such as your name and interests.
What type of Cookies does this website use?
• First party cookies
These are cookies sent to Users’ terminal equipment from equipment or a domain managed by the Editor to render the services requested by Users. They are stored by the domain (website) you are visiting directly. They allow website owners to collect analytics data, remember language settings, and perform other useful functions that help provide a good user experience.
• Third-party cookies
These are created by domains other than the one you are visiting directly, hence the name third-party. They are used for cross-site tracking, retargeting and ad-serving.
If cookies are managed by the Editor, but the information stored is handled by a third party, they cannot be considered as first party.
There is also a second rating, depending on the time remaining on a user ́s device.
• Session Cookies
They contain information that is stored in a temporary memory location and then subsequently deleted after the session is completed or the web browser is closed. This cookie stores information that the user has inputted and tracks the movements of the user within the website.
• Persistent Cookies
A persistent cookie is a data file capable of providing websites with user preferences, settings and information for future visits. They are stored as text files on the hard drive of a computer and usually have expiration dates of one to two years.
Finally, there is another subdivision of six types of cookies, according to the main purpose of the information stored.
• Technical cookies:
These are cookies that enable the user to browse the web page, platform or application and use the different options or service on it, e.g. to control traffic and data communication, to identify the session, to access restricted web site areas, to record elements that go to make up an order, to make a subscription or an application to participate in an event, to use security elements during browsing, to store content to broadcast videos or sound or to share content over the social networks.
• Personalization cookies:
These are cookies that enable the user to access the service pursuant to certain general, pre-defined characteristics according to a range of criteria on the user’s terminal, such as e.g. language, browser type used to access the service, regional configuration from where the service is accessed, etc.
• Analysis cookies:
They enable its owner, monitoring and analyzing the behavior of users of the website to which they are linked. The information gathered through such cookies is used for measuring the activity of the website, platform or application and for profiling navigation of users of the website, platform or application, in order to improve the website based on those analysis.
• Advertising cookies:
These are cookies that enable us to manage the offer of the advertising space on the web page as efficiently as possible, adapting the ad content to the content of the service requested or the use you make of our web page.
• Behavioral advertising cookies:
These cookies store information on user behavior from continued observation of user browsing habits, thus enabling the developing of a specific profile to show advertising consistent with the behavior in question.
What happens if Cookies are disabled?
You can allow, block or disable cookies in the menu Browser settings. When you disable cookies, some of the functions available may not work properly. Since cookies are maintained by your web browser, the method for disabling them will vary depending on which browser you are using, but you can normally do it by accessing to Tools Menu/Internet Options. You can also visit your browser’s Help menu for the appropriate instructions. The user may select which cookies to enable or disable in this website, at any time.
You, as a user, have the right to block, eliminate and refuse the use of Cookies, at all times, modifying the options on your browser.
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Furthermore, you may also manage cookies stored in my computer by using the following tools:
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Next, the cookies that are being used in this Web site are identified, as well as their typology and function:

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